1. Fakirgujri, Mujigund, Dardekhour, Maloora.

  2. PRA, RRA, PRA, PRA.

  3. PRA, Transit Walk, Resource Mapping.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Srinagar adopted two villages namely village Dardkhover Dara zone Harwan and Maloora Mujigund zone Qamarwari having both different topography and different agricultural activities. Both the villages agriculture based economy. Village Maloora is involved in commercial cultivation of vegetables and in Dardkhover village there are multiple agriculture/horticulture activities like cultivation of paddy, maize, fodders and fruits like apple, cherry, pear, apiculture including sheep, goat and dairy.

Problem Identified: (Dardekhour) Crop Production (Paddy)

Thematic Area

Existing Practice

Recommended Practice



China 1039


FLDs/Demo's/ Awareness Campaigns

Nursery Management

Traditional/Unprotected Nurseries

Protected Nurseries

Demo's/ Awareness Campaigns

Nutrient Management

Blanket recommendations of NPK

Soil Test based doses of NPK

Trainings/Awareness Programmes

Crop Geometry

Low spacing and more no. of plants/hill

15*15 cms

3 plants/hill

Crop Demos/ Awareness Programmes

Weed Management

Unbalanced doses of weedicides,

Recommended doses of weedicides


Plant Protection

Incidence of Insects/Pests/Diseases


Trainings/Awareness Programmes

Average Yield

40 q/ha

60 q/ha

Trainings/Awareness Programmes/Demos


  1. Raised Beds for Nursery Raising. 
  2. Recommended Crop Geometry. 
  3. Availability of Parental lines for Hybrid Seed Production. 
  4. Post Harvest Losses in Fruits and Vegetables. 


  • Use of HYV. 
  • Protected Paddy Nursery. 
  • Proper Training and Pruning Practices. 
  • Pollination Management. 
  • Crop Geometry.

List of Location Specific Training Needs

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