Thrust area

Paddy and Vegetables

Seed replacement and Integrated Crop Management

Vegetable Crops

Introduction and popularizing of HYVs and INM

Temperate Fruit Crops




•  Pollination improvement and scientific Training and pruning in Apple.

•  High density apple plantation.

•  Crop Diversification with emphasis on crops like strawberry.

•  IDM, INM and promotion of use of organics, micro nutrients, and on-farm nutrient cycling




Lettuce, Broccoli

Vegetables and Fruit crops

•  Development of Peri-urban agriculture

•  Off-season vegetable cultivation and cultivation under protected conditions.

•  Exotic vegetable cultivation.

•  Nutrition Kitchen gardening.

Poultry and Dairy

Promotion and Scientific management of livestock and poultry farming.

Home Science


Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Home Science

•  Child and women care and awareness on balanced nutrition in backward areas of the district.

•  Capacity building of rural women and Fisherwomen.

•  Self help group formation of skilled women.

•  Vocational training.

Capacity Building


Emphasis on Agro-based Income generating activities for mitigation of rural unemployment.

Soil and Water Conservation

Soil and Water Conservation

•  Awareness on Natural Resource conservation, environmental protection and efficient resource management.

•  Special emphasis on Dal and Anchar Lakes and Hill areas.

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