Problem Identified: (Dardekhour) Crop Production (Paddy)

Thematic Area

Existing Practice

Recommended Practice



China 1039


FLDs/Demo's/ Awareness Campaigns

Nursery Management

Traditional/Unprotected Nurseries

Protected Nurseries

Demo's/ Awareness Campaigns

Nutrient Management

Blanket recommendations of NPK

Soil Test based doses of NPK

Trainings/Awareness Programmes

Crop Geometry

Low spacing and more no. of plants/hill

15*15 cms

3 plants/hill

Crop Demos/ Awareness Programmes

Weed Management

Unbalanced doses of weedicides,

Recommended doses of weedicides


Plant Protection

Incidence of Insects/Pests/Diseases


Trainings/Awareness Programmes

Average Yield

40 q/ha

60 q/ha

Trainings/Awareness Programmes/Demos

Crop Maize: (Dardekhour)

Thematic Area

Existing Practice

Recommended Practice



Local Seeds

Local specific improved varieties

FLDs/Awareness Programmes

Nutrient Management

Blanket recommendations

Soil test based nutrient management

Trainings/Awareness Programmes

Crop Geometry


Line Sowing

Awareness Programmes/Demos

Crop Protection

Lack of IPM/IDM

SKUAST-K recommended IDM/IPM


Vegetables: (Maloora)

Thematic Area


Nursery Raising

Improper plant geometry and variety selection.

Nursery raising under up protected conditions.

Protected/off Season Vegetable Cultivation

Vegetable cultivation under protected condition is not practiced.

Lack of adaptation of polyhouse for cultivation of off-season vegetables

Exotic Vegetables

Not Cultivated

Seed Production

Farmers buy seeds from market.

Seed cost is high and selection is done arbitrarily.

Fruits: (Dardekhour/Maloora)

Thematic Area



Poor know how about training and pruning techniques.

Plant Propagation Techniques

Scientific techniques of budding and grafting are not followed.


Lack of knowledge about pollinizer/pollinators

High Incidence of Insect/Pest/Disease

Lack of knowledge.

Improper IPM/IDM

Cultivation of Fruits

Poor orchard Management and lack of scientific cultivation practices.

Animal Science: (Dardekhour/Maloora)

Thematic Area


Management of Dairy Animals

Poor Housing and Sanitation

Improper care, Management of pregnant and lactating cow.

Lack of knowledge of artificial insemination.

Feed Management

Scarcity of green grass in winter effect as low milk production, mineral deficiency also reduce milk production.

Sheep/Goat rearing

Improper housing and sanitation, occurrence of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases.


Low productivity, diseases, poor feed and water management.

Poor brooding management.


Animal Husbandry, Veterinary dispensary is not available

Home Science: ((Dardekhour/Maloora)

Thematic Area



Poor cooking practice.

Lack of awareness about balanced diet.

Women Health

Unawareness about importance of Iron in diet especially from women's and girls.

Unawareness about nutritious meals for children and adolescent girls.

Home Scale Food Preservations

Post harvest losses in farm produce.

Preservation of vegetables through unscientific traditional practices.

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